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Helping victims recover their losses
I have personally handled significantly more than 100 personal injury claims of a variety of types and sizes — including auto accidents, wrongful deaths, unsafe products, dangerous drugs, slip-and-falls and unsafe work conditions. Sometimes, these types of matters can be resolved without having to file suit or resorting to the courts. However, when a fair result cannot be achieved in that manner, I pursue these claims through trial by jury and on appeal, if necessary. Listed below is just a small sampling of the cases I have handled to satisfactory conclusion:


Donald C., et al. v. Rent-A-Center, Inc., et al.: Personal injury action arising out of a vehicular collision in which plaintiff’s delivery vehicle was struck by defendant’s delivery vehicle at an intersection, causing multiple severe injuries to plaintiff and early retirement. Settlement reached ten days before trial: $1,300,000. see related article

Shirley S. v. Accurate Construction Company, Inc., et al.: Personal injury claim involving worker who fell 26 feet through an opening in the floor that was improperly covered by construction contractor resulting in multiple severe injuries and early retirement. St. Louis City Circuit Court jury verdict: $1,125,000.

Joseph F. v. Coleman Trucking Company: Personal injury action arising out of rear-end automobile collision after which plaintiff developed symptoms that continued to worsen, ultimately leading to two surgeries and early retirement. Settlement reached without filing suit: $600,000.

Hildegard W. v. Angela D.: Personal injury and wrongful death action arising out of pedestrians hit by a vehicle in Las Vegas, Nevada, while they were crossing a busy thoroughfare against the light and not within a crosswalk. Elderly husband was killed and elderly wife was hospitalized for more than one month. After returning home to St. Louis, Missouri, two other attorneys declined representation due to unfavorable Nevada State Law concerning pedestrians not within crosswalks. After taking the case and filing suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada, case settled for insurance policy limits: $200,000.

Gordon T. v. Bi-State Development Agency: Personal injury case involving injury to disabled bus passenger whose wheelchair was improperly secured, and turned over while in transit causing fractured leg and subsequent complications, including fat embolism syndrome. Settled during St. Louis City Circuit Court jury trial: $250,000.

Robert H. v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company: Claim on plaintiff’s uninsured motorist policy involving the actions of a “phantom vehicle” leading to a collision between plaintiff’s car and dump truck that resulted in fractured pelvis. After settling with the defendant dump truck, the claim proceeded to trial on the uninsured motorist claim, during which defendant State Farm’s offer remained at $1,000. St. Louis City Circuit Court jury verdict: $25,000 — policy limit.

Larry S. v. Bischo., Inc., et al.: Personal injury action arising out of a slip and fall on an icy sidewalk at a Taco Bell / KFC Restaurant located in Monroe City, Missouri. Plaintiff suffered a traumatic aggravation of a pre-existing asymptomatic degenerative condition in his lower back, which required surgical repair with internal fixation hardware. St. Louis City Circuit Court jury verdict: $270,000. see related article

Jacob R. v. Edwin Orr, defendant ad litem: Personal injury action arising out of a vehicular collision in which defendant driver crossed the center line of a two-lane state highway hitting plaintiff’s vehicle nearly head-on, causing severe left leg and hand injury. The case settled shortly after mediation. see related article

Barbara K., et al. v. Sunbeam Products, Inc.:  Product liability claim against manufacturer of electric blanket that caught fire and severely burned previously disabled plaintiff while she was asleep. Defendant claimed that plaintiff’s cigarette smoking caused the fire. Plaintiff spent nearly three months in a burn intensive care unit and another two months at a rehabilitation hospital before being released to her home. In a Federal Court jury trial in Jefferson City, Missouri, the jury rendered a $2,000,000.00 verdict and assessed fault against both plaintiff and defendant. After hearing further evidence, and while the jury was deliberating plaintiff’s claim for punitive damages, the parties reached a confidential settlement. see related article

Confidential Settlement: Wrongful-death claim against co-employees of decedent who negligently caused his death on the job. Pursuant to a 2005 amendment to the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Act, this claim was allowed to proceed in the civil court against those co-employees in addition to the workers’ compensation claim against decedent’s employer. After extensive pre-trial discovery and motion practice, the case settled at mediation for $3,500,000.00.

Joan C. v. Show-Me Oil Co., Inc. d/b/a Mosers: Personal injury action arising out of a trip and fall over a throw rug in the entryway of defendant’s grocery store located in Jefferson City, Missouri.  Plaintiff suffered a fractured hip which required surgical repair with internal fixation hardware.  Defendant claimed that plaintiff tripped through her own fault, and made no offer to settle the case.  At trial in the Cole County Circuit Court in November 2013, the jury awarded plaintiff $100,000.00 for her injuries and assessed fault at 60% to defendant with 40% to plaintiff.

Janice B. v. Directech Development Corporation: Personal Injury action involving a minor rear-end vehicle collision resulting in no damage to defendant’s van and only minimal damage to plaintiff’s car.  Plaintiff developed chronic muscle spasm leading to eventual development of thoracic outlet syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome which left her unable to continue working as a licensed practical nurse.  Defendant disputed plaintiff’s claim of injury since the vehicle collision was so minor.  Federal District Court jury verdict $250,000.00.  see related article

Susan H. and Leslie J. v. Executive Express, Inc., d/b/a 1st Choice Courier & Distribution, Inc. and Shaun Latham:  Wrongful death action involving a collision in which a delivery van slammed into the rear of a vehicle that had stalled on east bound Page Avenue near Highway 270.  Plaintiffs’ 19 year old son was killed in this collision together with four other teenage occupants of the vehicle totaling three fatalities and two injured passengers. Defendant 1st Choice Courier & Distribution, Inc. denied liability claiming that Defendant Shaun Latham was driving his personally owned delivery van on a late Saturday evening and was not delivering packages at the time of the collision, thus not operating within the scope and course of his agency with Defendant 1st Choice Courier & Distribution.  Plaintiffs had previously retained two different law firms that advised them that the group of all plaintiffs’ claims arising out of this collision would only be able to recover Defendant Shaun Latham’s $50,000.00 personal insurance liability policy “per occurrence” limit.  After responding to Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment and conducting numerous depositions, the group of Plaintiffs’ claims settled for the total liability insurance coverage limits of $6,050,000.00.

Neither the Supreme Court of Missouri nor the Missouri Bar reviews or approves specialist designations. Further, past results afford no guarantee of future results, and every case is different and must be judged on its own merits.

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